Oliver and Annie, our two parti-colored cocker spaniels,  fill our days with happiness, joy, laughter, and most of all, unconditional love.
Oliver, age five, came to us at just nine weeks of age.  He quickly wrapped me around his paw, and  wrapped himself around my heart. Oliver is a real Mama's boy, a bit protective, and never lets me out of his sight.

Oliver loves to learn new tricks and behaviors, and has done well in doggy school. His pedigree is full of champions, so it comes as no surprise that he's a showman in his own right. He loves to perform and to have his photograph taken. Hats, clothng, and props are all a part of his day to day life.

Ollie, lives up to the reputation parti cockers have for being the class clown. This boy has a sense of humor, and his delivery is always perfectly timed!

Whether it's a ball, Frisbee, squeek toy, or water bottle, fetch is Oliver's all time favorite game.
Oliver also loves chasing bubbles made for dogs. He enjoys being bathed and brushed, and is always ready to curl up in a family member's lap.

Car rides, new places to explore, and family adventures are high on Oliver's list of favorites.

"Did somebody say treat?"

Annie hasn't always had it easy. She was picked up wandering the streets of New York in July of 2005, matted, filthy, sick, and so flea infested that the fleas had depleted more than 1/2 of her blood supply. It was estimated that she was four or five years old, and  weighed  just 10 lbs.  Annie was rescued by Dolores, of Abandoned Angels, from the pound that deemed her unadoptable. Annie spent the next month in intensive care at a veterinary hospital.  For weeks it was touch and go. We met Annie during that time and agreed to be her foster family until she was well enough to be adopted -- and as they say, the rest is history. This is now Annie's forever home.

We fell in love with this darling little girl and her unbeliveable spirit.  Annie is a good, solid, well adjusted dog, who rarely barks, and shows us every day how happy she is to be alive.

Annie is food motivated , and therefore is easy to train. She flew through basic obedience and knows many tricks. She loves any care and attention she is shown, but is not demanding of it.

Annie love car rides, sleeping on a window sill in the sun, food, baths, and chasing squirrels.
(Mario's Star Knight, Sir Oliver)
(From Street Urchin to Cherished Princess)
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Meet Oliver and Annie