Will my photograph make a good Pawtrait?
I want your pet's Pawtrait to become a cherished work of art. Not all photographs lend themselves to every style you see in our Galleries. Light, shadows, general composition, and elements used to enhance your artwork, all need to be blended together and play a part your finished work of art.
Some photographs tend to look best as "pencil sketches, " others  look best in the style of a "watercolor," or "oil painting." Each work of art takes on average, three to eight hours to complete.

Whatever the style, a great Pawtrait starts with a  good, clear, large format digital photograph
that you supply via E-mail or on a disc.  Pawtraits can also be made from a traditional photograph, that will be returned to you in it's original condition.

The best Pawtraits are created from a picture where the subject fills most of the picture and there is a lot of detail in the subject. The background of the original photograph does not matter. Full body views are best -- sitting, standing or laying down. Close-up head shots can also make stunning Pawtraits. You can also choose to have several views of your pet in one Pawtrait.

Please take a look through the many assorted Pawtraits in the galleries. They should give you an idea of what can be created for you. In many instances, I've tried to include the photograph from which I started.

Feel free to E-mail me to discuss your Pawtrait, and tell me a little about yourself and your pet. I try hard to not only capture your pets image, but his/her personality, too. Let me know if you are interested in a formal portrait, or if you and your pet enjoys a walk in the woods, a romp on the beach, or relaxing in the sun. Pawtraits can reflect your favorite season., or your part of the country.

Pet Pawtraits make great holiday cards, gifts, and are also a wonderful way to pay tribute to cherished companions who have left paw prints on your heart, and are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Each pet, and each Pawtrait are unique and special. Let's talk. I'm sure we can come up with something you will be proud to own and display.
Thank you for visiting our Website, and considering PhotoArt Pawtraits!


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